Best Fishing Backpack to Buy in 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide


In order to have a successful day of fishing you must need to be prepared with all the necessary fishing gears. There’s a lot of things that you need to carry with. You may want to take your poles, line, bait, reels, fishing rod, bite indicators, traps, nets, fish finders and a lot more things. So, conveying all these things to the water is really a big issue. Fortunately, there’s a great solution to handle all these – a fishing backpack. Yes, a fishing backpack is a great solution to store your tackles in a walk and carry them easily to your destination. In this article we are going to introduce you the best fishing backpack that you can consider to purchase for your next fishing trip.

Fishing backpacks are very useful to manage all your fishing gears easily and more conveniently. It not only store your fishing gears but also keep all the items safe and let you hike with your tackles easily. So, this is a very important for every anglers to have a fishing backpack. You will find a lot of backpacks available on market. Each backpack comes with different features and price. Therefore, it is very hard to find a fishing backpack that fulfill all your needs. But you may still hope to find one that can fulfill most of your demands. This article will help you to find the best fishing backpack that will definitely fulfill most of your needs.

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10 Best Fishing Backpacks

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01. Wild River WT3604 NOMAD – The Best Fishing Backpack of All Time

best fishing backpackWhen it comes to choose the best fishing backpack, there is no better alternative to Wild River NOMAD Lighted Tackle Backpack. This tackle bag comes with a lot of organization possibilities. There are four-sided pockets around the bag and a large open compartment on the upper side to store your gears. The upper compartment is made to give you easy access into your bag and find what you need easily and quickly. The bottom compartment will help you to keep 4 medium 3600 style trays.

This is a waterproof fishing backpack. A protective rain cover is included with this tackle bag to keep your fishing gear dry all time. The bag features integrated LED light system which allows you to see your bag on night. There is a front pocket which can be used as a handy work surface by folding it down. A protective sunglass holder is molded on the top of this bag. So, you can keep your sunglasses safe there. The bag has large padded shoulder straps which make it comfortable to carry anywhere. The Nomad is an all-in-one fishing tackle backpack solution. It comes with a warranty of 90 days. If you are looking for the best fishing backpack, this is definitely the best option for you.

Highlighted Features:
  • The bag comes with integrated LED system.
  • It has a permanently molded sunglass holder to keep your sunglasses safe.
  • Includes a removable pliers holder.
  • Convenient work surface.
  • Large padded shoulder straps.
  • Protective rain cover to keep your items dry.
  • Best fishing backpack at reasonable price.
Best Fishing Backpack – Video Review:

02. Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

best tackle backpackThe Spiderwire Fishing Backpack is perfect for the anglers who want more convenience, comfort and storage during the trek. It comes with 100% polyester. The main compartment divided into three different inner compartments to keep all your fishing gears for a day on the water. You can keep your personal items on the top compartment. The middle compartment can be used to keep your foods, drinks and baits cold. And the lower compartment will hold your utility boxes. This fishing tackle backpack includes three medium size utility boxes where you can keep all your fishing gears securely. You can also keep various sized utility boxes in other compartments of the bag which can be bought almost anywhere.

This fishing backpack includes an organizer compartment to keep your gear sorted, side zippered pockets to keep small and necessary items for quick access, removable fishing tool holder and a lot more things. There’s a sunglass case molded with foam. So, your sunglasses will remain safe into this bag. You must want to keep your items dry. No worry, this water-resistant fishing backpack will keep all your foods and gears dry. The soft padded shoulder straps make this backpack easy to carry. Finally the price of this tackle backpack is cheaper than the Wild River when the features are almost same.

Highlighted Features:
  • 100% polyester made.
  • Includes 3 utility boxes.
  • Water resistant fishing backpack.
  • Sunglass case molded with foam.
  • Includes fishing rod holder.
  • Cheap price comparing Wild River.

03. Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack BLMBP270BK

best fishing tackle backpackYou will be carrying a lot of items on fishing. So, your backpack should be very comfortable to carry. The Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack gives exactly what you need. It is built for the anglers who usually walk on local lake or river for a day of fishing. Along with the comfort ability, you must consider the durability of a bag. This medium-sized tackle bag is made of heavy-duty materials. So, it will definitely last for longer period. The thick shoulder padding straps will reduce exhaustion on carrying this bag for a long time. There is a 2-way zipper system in front of this bag to give you easy access on your accessories. The rod holder mesh are available on both side of this bag. But you can put small size fishing rod on this.

The bag includes multiple pockets for keeping your accessories and gears. There also some pockets around the bag so that you can keep some extra items. The bag also includes two Plano utility boxes. To keep your pliers and other tools, this bag has elastic loops on both sides. If you are a quality and performance minded person, this is definitely the best fishing backpack for you. The manufacturer is providing 1 year warranty.

Highlighted Features:
  • Medium size fishing backpack with plenty of storage capacity.
  • 2-way zipper system in front for easy access.
  • Soft and thick shoulder padding straps.
  • This is water-resistant fishing bag.
  • 1 year warranty.

04. Wild River WT3606 Multi-Tackle Large Backpack

best tackle backpackIf you are looking for a fishing tackle backpack with plenty of storage capacity, this big sized multi-tackle backpack by Wild River is definitely a great option for you. If features a large compartment on the upper side which is removable and let you convert the backpack for storing larger items. The large padded shoulder straps make this large backpack comfortable and easy to carry.

This bag will help you to organize and keep almost all of your fishing gears. There is huge space on the lower compartment where you can keep up to six 3600 style trays. There also several storage option on the outside of this bag where you can keep your most often used tools and access them quickly. The side storage can also be used to keep your dry and wet items away from your gears. You can use the front pocket as work surface by just folding it down.

The wide open space of the main compartment area will give you easy access into the bag. There are rugged base pads on the bottom side of this backpack to protect your bag. A water proof and clear internal pocket is also included in this bag where you can put your valuable documents and cell phones. This is the best fishing backpack available for people who are looking for large-sized backpack.

Highlighted Features:
  • Large multi-tackle backpack with plenty of storage.
  • Large padded shoulder straps for easy carrying.
  • Includes two 3600 style trays.
  • Built in work surface in front.
  • Water proof and clean internal pocket.
  • Several outer pockets.

05. Wild River Leathercraft WT3605

best tackle backpackThis is another best fishing backpack by Wild River. It comes with integrated 3-level LED light system which allows you to see the bag at dark. The integrated rechargeable 5000mAh USB power supply will help you to extent the battery life of your mobile phone and other personal electronics. There are 4 different USB cable included for apple Lightning, apple 30-pin, USB mini and USB micro. A solar panel system is also designed to trickle charge the battery pack with direct sunlight.

This fishing tackle bag comes with a lot of storage compartments. The main compartment at lower side of this bag is able to hold up to 4 medium 3600 and 2 small 3500 trays. Two 3600 trays are included with this bag. The large upper storage area includes a removable divider which can convert the bag into a full size backpack in order to hold larger items. It has several external and internal mesh pockets so that you can view your contents easily.

There also five base foot-pads included in the bottom of this bag to reduce wear and keep the bag clean and dry. A sunglass holder is molded in front of this bag where you can keep your sunglasses safely. It also includes a protective rain cover which will help you to keep your items dry. The adjustable padded shoulder straps with lumbar padding make this backpack comfortable to carry all day. Serious anglers must appreciate the features of this NOMAD backpack. This is the ultimate solution of fishing backpack. The price of this bag is little higher but you will get the best features comparing other fishing bags.

Highlighted Features:
  • Integrated LED system.
  • Rechargeable USB power supply.
  • Sunglass holder molded in the front.
  • TWO 3600 trays included.
  • Protective rain cover included.

06. Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

best tackle backpackThe Spiderwire Wolf is a soft-sided and waterproof tackle bag designed to take anywhere on your fishing trip and make a successful day on the water. It is made of heavy-duty 1680 denier polyester. The bigger inside compartment comes with adjustable dividers to organize your tackle boxes, reels other gears. There are four large tackle boxes included on this bag. There are two front pockets outside of this bag which includes fishing organizers. Therefore, you can also keep your flashlight, knife and other tools into these outside pockets. There also two slots for keeping your pliers and a removable fishing line dispensers.

This tackle bag comes with a lot of compartments and pockets in order to keep all your essential fishing gears and access them quickly and easily. To carry your heavy items easily this bag has comfortable shoulder straps. The backpack is offering almost all necessary features at the best price. So, it can also be a great option when you are finding the best fishing backpack. The manufacturer provides lifetime warranty on this bag which is also a great thing about this bag to consider.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of High quality polyester with durable PVC backing.
  • Includes 4 tackle boxes.
  • Several front pockets to keep mostly needed items.
  • Fishing line dispensers.
  • Waterproof fishing tackle bag.

07. SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack

best fishing backpacksAnglers who want the highest quality and performance, must like this SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack. This will be a great option for your weekend fishing trips. This backpack is made in polyester. It comes with a lot of storage capacity. The main compartment is large enough to keep everything you need on fishing. You can keep 2 medium size tackle boxes inside this bag. And the good thing is, one tackle box is included with the bag.

In addition, there are two zippered pockets available for additional storage. A lot of front organizer pockets are available where you can put your necessary stuffs for easy access. A sunglass pocket is also adjusted in front of this bag where you can keep your sunglasses safely.

This sling backpack has an adjustable soft padded sling strap so that you can carry this easily and comfortably. The strap can be taken over your left or right shoulder. So, it is really easy to carry this backpack anywhere.

This fishing backpack has a lot of features and the pricing is good. But there’s some factors that you need to consider when purchasing this bag – this is not a waterproof bag and there’s no fishing pole holder included.

Highlighted Features:
  • 1 tackle box included.
  • Sunglass pocket in front of the bag.
  • Adjustable padded sling strap for easy carrying.
  • Lots of front organizer pockets.
  • Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

08. BLISSWILL Multi-functional Tackle Bag

best fishing tackle backpackThis is an outdoor multi-functional tackle bag comes with 3 adjustable and detachable straps. It can be used as handbag, shoulder bag and backpack. It is made from heavy-duty, non-toxic and environmental friendly materials. This tackle backpack has multiple storage compartments and several external pockets.

You can keep most of your fishing tools like – pliers, lures, poles, boxes in the inner compartment and other stuffs like wallet, keys in the exterior pockets. Fishing is all about working in the water. There is a huge chance of getting your things wet. This tackle backpack is fully water-proof and weather resistant. So, all your items will remain dry.

The triangle strap design in the front make this backpack more comfortable and convenient. The adjustable shoulder strap is exchangeable in both left and right side. This make this bag easier to carry.

There’s a fishing rod belt in this bag to keep your rods more conveniently. With the huge capacity of this bag, you can store a lot of items into it. The best part of this backpack is its price. It comes with a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a multi-functional tackle backpack, this is definitely the best option among our best fishing backpack list.

Highlighted Features:
  • Large inner storage compartments along several external pockets.
  • Left/Right exchangeable shoulder strap.
  • Fishing rod belt included.
  • Waterproof fishing backpack.

09. Piscifun Crossbody Fishing Tackle Bag

best fishing tackle bag

Piscifun Crosbody Fishing Tackle Bag is made in 1000D waterproof nylon materials. It is super convenient sized backpack which you can use in almost all kinds of outdoor trips like fishing, camping, hiking, cycling or even mountaineering. There are several storage compartments available where you can keep your stuffs. The smaller front pocket is suitable for storing your cellphones, keys, wallets etc. This is a smaller size backpack which is ultra-light to carry. The adjustable padded single strap make it extra comfort easier to carry than tackle box. It includes a zippered mesh pocket and two closed pockets. There are 3 plastic attachment loops included which you can hook a musketeer to incase all those pockets. This tackle bag will keep and protect all your fishing gears on wherever you go.

Crossbody backpacks are easier to carry. These are smaller in size. If you are looking for a crossbody backpack, this is the option for you. This is the cheapest backpack in our best fishing backpack list.

Highlighted Features:
  • Smaller and super convenient size.
  • Light weight.
  • One Year warranty.

10. Fiblink Waterproof Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

Waterproof backpacks are mostly suitable for fishing trips. This tackle bag is made in heavy-duty water-resistant nylon. There are 10 multiple inner compartments and several external pockets which can be used for various purposes. The full-length double zipper help you put larger items easily in the bag. The adjustable shoulder strap is exchangeable in both left and right side. If you love carrying single shoulder bag, this will be another great alternative for you.

Highlighted Features:
  • 10 multiple inner compartments.
  • Water proof fishing backpack.
  • 1 year warranty.

Best Fishing Backpacks – Video Review

The above list is showing you the best quality fishing backpacks that you can consider to purchase for your next fishing trip. Check out the following video to show the list of best fishing backpacks available on market:

Why a Fishing Backpack is Necessary?

When people go for a fishing trip, they always need to carry a lot of items like – fishing rods, poles, bait, line, reels, nets, traps, fish finders and many more. These items are required in order to have a successful day on fishing. Now the question is, how an anglers will carry all these instruments?

A fishing backpack is the one and only solution for this. These types of backpacks are made especially for keeping your fishing gears in an organized way and help you carry them easily. Most of the fishing backpack comes with various storage compartments where you can keep your fishing gears, foods and personal stuffs like – wallet, cellphone, sunglasses etc. Therefore, these backpacks includes exterior pockets and holes to hold your rods and other necessary items. If you love to go on fishing trip, you must need a fishing backpack to keep your necessary items.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Backpack?

There are huge number of fishing backpacks available on the market. Every backpack comes with different features and price. Some backpack offers various features at higher price when some offers the same at less price. It is very difficult to find out the best fishing backpack for both the new and experienced buyers.

If you want to pick best fishing backpack for your next fishing trip, you must have to consider some features and check whether it fulfill your needs or not. Followings are some of the features that need to check when purchasing a fishing backpack:


A good fishing backpack must have a lot of storage capacity in order to store all your fishing items easily. If your backpack doesn’t have enough space, you may not be able to keep all your gears on it. Some backpack have only one big storage space where some have various well-organized storage capacity.

The backpack with only one storage space will help you to store a lot of items but you cannot keep them in an organized form. On the other hand, backpack having various small storage space will help you to keep all your items in an organized way. Some backpack provides tackle boxes with the bag so that you can keep your items in an organized way. Most of the fishing backpacks have various external pockets for storing your frequently used fishing items. Some comes with molded sunglass holder to keep your sunglasses safe and access them easily. When choosing the best fishing backpack try to check whether it has the following things or not:

  • Well-organized and large storage capacity.
  • Several small storage compartments.
  • Several exterior pockets.


Size is very important when choosing any backpack. People use fishing backpacks to keep all their fishing gears and carry them easily. Your backpack size may depend on type of fishing you are going on. If you are planning a single day trip, you can use a medium or even small fishing backpack. But for multi-day fishing trip, you must need a large bag.

Sometimes you should consider the amount of compartments of a bag. Because some fishing backpack comes with several small compartments only which lets you keep all your fishing gears only. On the other hand, some backpack comes with a large compartments along with small compartments, so that you can keep your clothes and foods also. So, when choosing the best fishing backpack, try to consider the following things:

  • Consider size according to your fishing trip.
  • Try to pick a backpack that have a large compartments along with several small compartments.


Weight of a backpack is always an important considerable factor when it comes to a fishing trip. Your fishing instruments will add a lot of weight on your backpack. Some fishing backpacks comes with an extra weight from its own. This will increase total weight of your backpack. On the other hand, light weight backpacks are very suitable as they never creates extra weight on your bag. Therefore, you can keep more items into these types of bags. So, try to pick the lightest fishing backpack which never creates extra weight without losing the quality.


Though fishing doesn’t needs you to go into water to get a fish, it still have the possibility to get some water into your bag. In this case, your fishing items may become wet. So, it is very important to get a 100% waterproof fishing backpack that can keep all your materials specially money, mobile-phone, gadgets etc. safe from water. Some backpack includes protective rain cover that allows you to keep your item dry while raining. Some backpacks comes with the feature of keeping the bag from dirt and dust. So, you don’t need to think about washing your backpack. You can use it for multiple activities like hiking, camping, hunting etc. In order to get the best fishing backpack, you must have choose 100% waterproof bag.

Small Compartments

Smaller compartment gives you more facility to keep your small items safely. When going to a fishing trip you may take a lot of necessary items such as wallet, mobile-phone, water bottle, sunglasses etc. with you. In order to access them easily your backpack must have some small compartments. This will help you to keep your necessary items separately and access them easily without opening the full bag. Therefore some backpacks have compartment for keeping your rod which is very necessary.

You may also find some backpack with cooler system. These kind of bags can be used in keeping foods and drinks cold during your fishing trip. So, these can be very convenient to keep your foods fresh. You should also consider this if you want to take food items with you.


You will be holding a lot of items on your backpack. So, you should make sure that your backpack is very easy to carry and comfortable on your shoulders. Make sure the size, weight, compartments, storage space etc. all are perfect according to your demand. Most of the fishing backpack includes soft adjustable padded shoulder so that you can carry the bag comfortably.

Final Words

The first thing you always should consider when choosing a fishing backpack is its light weight and good space for keeping all your gears. Some backpacks made for specially fishing purpose only while some are made for multiple use. That means, you can use these backpacks on fishing, hiking, hunting, camping etc. It will definitely help you to save your money on purchasing multiple bags. So, according to your budget, you can go for any one.

Always make sure that your fishing backpack is comfortable to carry. You should also consider the size of the backpack according to your type of fishing trip. You should check the straps of your bag whether it is distributing the weight of your bag equally So that, you can carry this easily.

Choosing the right fishing backpack may become difficult for both new and experienced buyers as there are lots of bags available on market. Therefore, it’s very hard to find what things you will be taking with you on your fishing trip. In this article we only mentioned some of the best fishing backpacks that comes with reasonable price and a lot of features. We hope that, you will be able to find the best fishing backpack for your upcoming fishing trip.


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