Can You Heal Titans in Hero Wars? A Comprehensive Guide

Hero Wars is a popular mobile RPG where players assemble teams of heroes to battle formidable enemies, conquer dungeons, and ascend the ranks in PvP battles. A key element of the game is the ability to heal your heroes during combat, but a common question arises: can you heal Titans in Hero Wars?

The answer is not directly, but there are strategies and tactics that can effectively mitigate damage and keep your Titans in the fight. This article delves deep into the intricacies of Titan healing in Hero Wars, providing insights into the game’s mechanics and offering practical tips to maximize your Titans’ effectiveness.

Understanding Titan Health and Regeneration

Titans, the mighty warriors at the pinnacle of power in Hero Wars, possess immense health pools that make them formidable in combat. However, unlike traditional heroes, they lack a dedicated healing mechanic. This means you can’t directly use healing spells or abilities to restore their health.

However, there are several factors that influence a Titan’s health and survivability:

  • Base Health: Titans have a naturally high base health compared to other heroes, making them resilient to damage.
  • Passive Abilities: Certain Titans possess passive abilities that regenerate health over time. For example, the Immortal King has a passive that restores a percentage of his health every turn.
  • Artifact Effects: Some artifacts can boost a Titan’s health, regeneration rate, or provide a shield to absorb damage.
  • Team Synergies: Certain heroes within your team can provide indirect support to Titans through buffs and debuffs.

Strategies to Enhance Titan Survivability

While direct healing is not an option for Titans, here are some strategies to keep your Titans alive and effective in battle:

1. Leverage Passive Abilities and Artifacts:

  • Maximize Regeneration: Choose Titans with powerful passive abilities that regenerate health over time.
  • Shields and Buffs: Utilize artifacts that provide a shield to absorb damage, or buff their health and resistance to harmful effects.
  • Boost Health: Equip artifacts that increase a Titan’s base health to make them even more durable.

2. Optimize Team Synergy:

  • Support Heroes: Use heroes with skills that buff your Titan’s health, provide a shield, or cleanse harmful effects.
  • Debuffs: Deploy heroes that can weaken your enemies, reducing the damage inflicted on your Titans.
  • Control: Heroes with control abilities can interrupt enemy attacks, giving your Titans precious time to recover.

3. Strategic Deployment and Position:

  • Protect Titans: Place your Titans strategically to shield them from high-damage enemies.
  • Avoid Concentrated Attacks: Distribute your heroes strategically to prevent your Titans from becoming the primary target of enemy attacks.
  • Control the Battlefield: Control the battlefield with your heroes to dictate the flow of combat, ensuring your Titans are not overwhelmed.

Examples of Effective Titan Combinations

1. The Defensive Powerhouse:

  • Titan: Immortal King
  • Support: Valkyrie, Morrigan
  • Debuffs: Shadow, Astarte

2. The Unstoppable Juggernaut:

  • Titan: Vindicator
  • Support: Athena, Dorian
  • Control: The Shadow, Astarte

3. The Resilient Brute:

  • Titan: Death Knight
  • Support: Celestial Healer, Valkyrie
  • Debuffs: Shadow, Astarte

These combinations showcase how you can leverage different hero types and skills to create a powerful and resilient team focused on maximizing Titan survivability.


While you cannot directly heal Titans in Hero Wars, the game offers numerous strategies and mechanics to enhance their survivability and maximize their effectiveness in battle. By leveraging passive abilities, artifacts, team synergy, and strategic positioning, you can build a formidable team that will overcome even the most challenging encounters. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding the game’s mechanics and developing a strategy that allows your Titans to shine.

Important Note: The meta in Hero Wars is constantly evolving, so experiment with different team compositions and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle and the specific challenges you face. The insights provided in this article serve as a foundation for building a strong team with powerful Titans, but ultimately, your own exploration and understanding of the game will determine your success.


Can Titans be healed in Hero Wars?

No, Titans cannot be healed in Hero Wars. This is because they are considered “non-combatants” within the game’s mechanics. Unlike heroes, they don’t have health bars or take damage directly. Instead, they serve as powerful allies that offer various benefits, such as increased damage output or support capabilities. This means that you can’t use any healing abilities or items on them to restore their health.

However, Titans do have a “Shield” mechanic that protects them from taking damage. This shield can be replenished by using certain hero skills or items. So, while you can’t directly heal a Titan, you can indirectly protect them by enhancing their shield.

What is the purpose of Titans in Hero Wars?

Titans are a crucial part of the gameplay in Hero Wars, offering significant advantages in battle. Their primary purpose is to amplify your team’s power and effectiveness. They contribute by providing unique buffs and bonuses to your heroes, such as increased damage, defense, or healing. These benefits vary depending on the specific Titan and its skills.

Additionally, Titans can be used to counter enemy teams. Some Titans have abilities that can cripple enemy heroes, making them less effective in battle. This adds a strategic layer to the game, allowing players to tailor their team composition to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

How do I acquire Titans?

Acquiring Titans is a gradual process in Hero Wars. The primary way to obtain them is through the “Titan’s Path” system. This system involves progressing through stages, unlocking new Titans as you level up and complete various challenges. Each stage offers a specific Titan to unlock, requiring a certain number of resources and time to complete.

You can also obtain Titans through events and special offers. These events often provide limited-time opportunities to acquire unique and powerful Titans. However, be sure to check the specific requirements and costs associated with these offers.

Can I level up my Titans?

Yes, you can level up your Titans to enhance their abilities and boost their effectiveness. You need a specific type of resource called “Titan Shards” to level them up. These shards can be obtained through various means, such as completing stages, participating in events, or purchasing them from the in-game store.

Leveling up your Titans increases their stats and improves their abilities. This makes them more valuable assets in battle and allows them to contribute even more significantly to your team’s success.

How do I equip my Titans?

Equipping your Titans is an essential part of optimizing their performance. You can equip them with specific items that enhance their unique abilities and provide additional benefits. These items are typically obtained through various sources, such as completing stages, participating in events, or purchasing them from the in-game store.

Once you have acquired suitable items, you can equip them to your Titans. This can significantly improve their effectiveness in battle by increasing their stats and enhancing their unique abilities.

What are the different types of Titans in Hero Wars?

Hero Wars features a diverse range of Titans, each with unique abilities and roles. Some Titans are primarily offensive, focused on dealing high damage and decimating enemies. Others are defensive, offering protection and support to your heroes. There are also Titans that provide a combination of offensive and defensive abilities.

The variety of Titans allows players to create unique team compositions that cater to different playstyles and strategies. This makes the game more dynamic and encourages experimentation with different team combinations.

What is the best Titan for me?

There is no single “best” Titan in Hero Wars as the optimal choice depends on your specific playstyle, team composition, and desired strategy. Each Titan has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s crucial to consider your needs and preferences.

For example, if you prefer a more offensive playstyle, you might choose a Titan with high damage output. If you focus on defense, you might select a Titan with strong protective abilities. Experiment with different Titans and discover the ones that best suit your playing style and team composition.

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