Do PSVR Games Have Trophies? Unlocking Achievements in Virtual Reality

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset has revolutionized gaming, immersing players in virtual worlds like never before. But for many gamers, the thrill of achievement goes beyond just conquering a level or completing a mission. The coveted PlayStation Trophies system, a hallmark of the PlayStation experience, plays a significant role in the gaming journey. So, the question arises: do PSVR games have trophies?

The answer is a resounding yes! While PSVR games are not exempt from the PlayStation Trophy system, there are some nuances to consider. This article will delve into the world of PSVR trophies, exploring how they work, the different types of trophies available, and what makes them unique in the VR landscape.

The Allure of Trophies: Beyond the Digital Badge

The PlayStation Trophy system is more than just a collection of digital badges. It’s a powerful motivator, encouraging players to explore all aspects of a game, from completing the main story to uncovering hidden secrets and mastering difficult challenges. Here’s why trophies hold such appeal:

  • Sense of Achievement: Unlocking a trophy is a tangible reward for effort and dedication. It signifies mastery of a specific skill, completion of a challenging task, or a deep dive into the game’s lore.
  • Gamification: Trophies add a layer of gamification to the gaming experience, encouraging players to strive for completion and pushing them to go beyond their comfort zones.
  • Social Connection: Sharing trophies with friends and comparing progress adds a social element to gaming, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.
  • Pride and Accomplishment: Displaying earned trophies serves as a visual testament to a player’s dedication and passion for the game, showcasing their achievements to the world.

Navigating the Trophy Landscape in PSVR Games

While PSVR games offer the same trophy experience as their traditional PlayStation counterparts, there are unique considerations:

1. Motion Controls and Physicality: Many PSVR games utilize motion controls, requiring players to physically interact with the virtual world. This adds a new dimension to trophy requirements, often demanding precise movements, hand-eye coordination, and a level of physical engagement that traditional games don’t necessitate.

2. Immersion and Perspective: The immersive nature of VR alters the traditional gameplay experience. Trophies in PSVR games might require players to interact with their virtual environment in ways they wouldn’t expect, forcing them to explore the game’s world from a new perspective.

3. Unique Gameplay Mechanics: PSVR games often introduce unique gameplay mechanics, such as using the PlayStation Move controllers or the VR headset’s sensors for navigation. These mechanics can lead to innovative and challenging trophy requirements, pushing players to embrace the distinct aspects of VR gaming.

Types of Trophies in PSVR Games: From Bronze to Platinum

PSVR games feature the same trophy tiers as other PlayStation titles:

  • Bronze: The most common type, often awarded for completing basic objectives or progressing through the early stages of the game.
  • Silver: Awarded for more challenging tasks, often requiring completion of specific side quests, mastering certain skills, or unlocking specific features.
  • Gold: The most difficult trophies, usually reserved for completing the game on higher difficulty levels, achieving specific milestones, or discovering hidden secrets.
  • Platinum: The ultimate trophy achievement, earned by unlocking all other trophies within the game.

How to Track and Display Your PSVR Trophies

Tracking your PSVR trophy progress is seamless:

  • PlayStation Network Profile: Your PSN profile displays all your earned trophies, including those from PSVR games.
  • PlayStation App: The PlayStation app for mobile devices allows you to keep track of your trophies, compare progress with friends, and manage your trophy settings.
  • PSVR Menu: Within the PSVR headset, you can access the PlayStation Network and view your trophy progress directly.

Examples of Unique PSVR Trophies: Pushing the Boundaries of Achievement

PSVR games often push the boundaries of the trophy system, introducing innovative and immersive challenges. Here are some examples of unique PSVR trophy requirements:

  • “First Time for Everything” (Resident Evil 7): This trophy requires players to complete the game’s prologue without using any weapons or items, encouraging them to engage with the game’s terrifying atmosphere and utilize stealth and cunning.
  • “Master of the Moves” (Astro Bot Rescue Mission): This trophy demands players to complete the game using only the PlayStation Move controllers, rewarding those who master the unique and precise controls of this VR platformer.
  • “King of the Hill” (Farpoint): This trophy challenges players to survive an onslaught of enemies without leaving a designated area, testing their resilience and strategic thinking in the immersive virtual world.

The Future of Trophies in VR

As VR technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative and engaging trophy requirements. Developers will likely create trophies that:

  • Leverage the unique capabilities of VR: Trophies might require players to perform specific physical actions within the game, utilize the headset’s tracking capabilities, or interact with virtual objects in unique ways.
  • Enhance the immersive experience: Trophies could be tied to specific emotional moments, rewarding players for experiencing the game’s narrative in a deeply personal way.
  • Encourage exploration and discovery: Trophies might be hidden within the game world, requiring players to explore the environment and uncover secrets to unlock them.

Conclusion: Trophies Elevate the PSVR Experience

The PlayStation Trophy system is an integral part of the PSVR gaming experience, encouraging exploration, mastery, and a sense of accomplishment in virtual worlds. Whether you’re seeking a challenge, aiming for the elusive Platinum trophy, or simply enjoying the satisfaction of unlocking new achievements, the Trophy system adds an extra layer of enjoyment and engagement to the world of VR gaming. As the technology evolves and developers embrace the unique capabilities of VR, we can anticipate even more innovative and immersive trophy experiences that push the boundaries of achievement and enhance the virtual reality landscape.


1. Do all PSVR games have trophies?

While the PSVR platform itself supports trophies, not all PSVR games feature them. This can vary depending on the developer and their chosen design approach. Some developers choose to implement trophy systems for their PSVR titles, providing players with an extra layer of motivation and engagement. Others might opt to focus on the core gameplay experience without incorporating trophies.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to check the specific game’s details or reviews to determine if it includes trophies. Websites like PlayStation Store or popular gaming review sites often list information about trophy availability, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing a PSVR game.

2. How do I see if a PSVR game has trophies?

The easiest way to determine if a PSVR game has trophies is to visit the PlayStation Store. When you search for a game on the PlayStation Store, you’ll find a dedicated section for “Trophies” under the game’s overview. This section will display a list of all trophies available for that particular game, including their names, descriptions, and rarity.

If the “Trophies” section is missing, it indicates that the game does not include trophies. However, it’s worth noting that some games may have hidden trophies that are not initially revealed in the PlayStation Store. In these cases, you’ll have to explore the game’s content and unlock the hidden trophies through gameplay.

3. What kind of trophies are typically found in PSVR games?

PSVR games feature various trophies, ranging from simple achievements for completing basic tasks to complex challenges requiring specific strategies and gameplay mastery. Some common examples include:

  • Completion Trophies: These trophies are awarded for finishing the game’s main storyline or reaching a certain point in the game’s progression.
  • Challenge Trophies: These trophies require players to overcome specific obstacles or challenges within the game, often testing their skills and abilities.
  • Collectible Trophies: Some PSVR games offer hidden collectibles that players can discover throughout the game. Collecting a specific number of these items often grants a trophy.

4. How do I unlock trophies in PSVR games?

Unlocking trophies in PSVR games is similar to traditional PlayStation games. You earn trophies by completing specific tasks, challenges, or objectives within the game. When you meet the requirements for a particular trophy, it will automatically unlock and be added to your trophy collection.

It’s worth noting that some trophies might require specific actions or choices during gameplay, so it’s crucial to pay attention to the game’s instructions and hints. Also, some trophies might be time-sensitive, requiring you to complete them within a certain timeframe.

5. Can I see my trophy progress in PSVR games?

You can view your trophy progress within the PSVR game itself. Most PSVR games include a dedicated menu or section where you can access your trophy list. This list will display the trophies you’ve already earned, along with those you haven’t unlocked yet.

You can also track your progress on the PlayStation website or mobile app. These platforms provide a comprehensive overview of your trophy collection across all your PlayStation games, including PSVR titles. This allows you to easily monitor your progress, see which trophies you’ve unlocked, and plan your next gaming goals.

6. Are trophies in PSVR games linked to my PlayStation account?

Yes, trophies earned in PSVR games are linked to your PlayStation account. This means that your trophy collection is stored on your account and can be accessed across all your PlayStation devices. Whether you’re playing on your PS4, PS5, or a PSVR headset, your trophy progress will remain consistent.

This is beneficial as it allows you to keep track of your achievements across multiple platforms and share them with your friends and fellow gamers. Additionally, it ensures that your trophy progress is preserved even if you switch devices or reset your console.

7. Are there any unique trophy challenges specific to PSVR?

While some trophy challenges are common across different PlayStation games, PSVR games often feature unique trophies that leverage the immersive nature of virtual reality. These trophies might require players to perform specific actions within the virtual world, such as using motion controls in a particular way, interacting with virtual objects in a unique manner, or completing certain tasks while wearing the VR headset.

These unique trophy challenges add an extra layer of engagement and reward players for exploring the VR experience to its fullest potential. They offer a distinct set of challenges and rewards that are specific to the VR platform, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and adding another dimension to the trophy hunting process.

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