Downloading Apps on Your Amazon FreeTime Tablet: A Comprehensive Guide

The Amazon FreeTime tablet is a fantastic device designed to provide kids with a safe and engaging digital experience. With its built-in parental controls and curated app library, it’s a great way to introduce your child to the world of tablets. But how do you actually get those apps onto the tablet? This guide will walk you through the process of downloading apps on your Amazon FreeTime tablet, from the basics to some handy tips.

Navigating the Amazon FreeTime App Store

The first step to downloading apps is to understand how the Amazon FreeTime app store operates. Unlike a traditional app store, FreeTime’s selection is curated and designed specifically for children. This means you won’t find every app available on the regular Amazon Appstore. Instead, the FreeTime app store offers a carefully chosen selection of educational, entertaining, and age-appropriate apps.

Accessing the FreeTime App Store

  1. Unlock the tablet: Your child will need to be logged in to their FreeTime profile to access the app store.
  2. Find the app icon: Look for the “FreeTime App Store” icon on the tablet’s home screen. It’s usually a colorful icon with a shopping bag or a globe.
  3. Open the app store: Tap the icon to open the FreeTime App Store.

Searching and Browsing for Apps

Now that you’re in the FreeTime app store, you can start exploring the world of apps for your child.

Finding the Perfect App

  1. Use the search bar: Enter the name of a specific app you’re looking for in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Browse by category: The FreeTime app store is organized into categories such as “Games,” “Education,” “Books,” and “Creativity.” Explore these categories to discover new apps tailored to your child’s interests.
  3. Check out featured apps: The app store often features curated collections of popular and highly-rated apps. These featured lists are a great way to find hidden gems and see what other parents are enjoying.

Downloading Apps to Your FreeTime Tablet

Once you’ve found an app you want to download, it’s time to add it to your child’s tablet. The process is straightforward:

  1. Select the app: Tap the icon of the app you’ve chosen.
  2. Read the details: Review the app’s description, screenshots, and user ratings to make sure it’s right for your child.
  3. Tap “Get” or “Download”: This button will initiate the download process.
  4. Wait for the download to finish: Depending on the app’s size and your internet connection, the download may take a few minutes. You’ll see a progress bar indicating the download’s status.
  5. Launch the app: Once the download is complete, you can tap the app icon on the tablet’s home screen to open and start using it.

Managing Downloaded Apps

After downloading an app, you can manage it in several ways.

Controlling App Usage

  1. Limit screen time: You can use FreeTime’s parental controls to set time limits for specific apps or even for the entire tablet. This helps your child maintain a healthy balance with screen time.
  2. Restrict access: You can block certain apps or even entire categories of apps based on your child’s age or your own preferences. This ensures that your child only has access to content that’s appropriate for them.

Updating Apps

  1. Check for updates: Amazon FreeTime automatically updates apps in the background, ensuring your child has the latest version and features.
  2. Manual updates: You can also manually update apps by going to the “My Apps” section in the FreeTime app store and checking for available updates.

Tips for Finding Great Apps on FreeTime

  • Utilize age filters: The FreeTime app store offers age filters to narrow down your search to apps that are appropriate for your child’s age range.
  • Read reviews: Pay attention to user reviews. This can provide valuable insights into the app’s quality, educational value, and whether it’s engaging for children.
  • Check for in-app purchases: Some apps may offer in-app purchases, which can add extra content or features. Be aware of these and set limits on spending if necessary.
  • Consider educational apps: The FreeTime app store features a wide variety of educational apps that can help your child learn through play.

Troubleshooting Download Issues

Sometimes, app downloads can be frustrating. Here are some common issues and solutions:

  • Slow internet connection: Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable. A slow connection can make downloads take much longer.
  • Insufficient storage space: Check if you have enough free space on your tablet. If not, delete some unused apps or files to free up space.
  • App updates: Ensure you have the latest updates for the FreeTime app store and the tablet’s operating system.
  • Restart the tablet: Restarting the tablet can sometimes resolve temporary glitches or errors.


Downloading apps on your Amazon FreeTime tablet is a straightforward process, but understanding the nuances of the FreeTime app store can enhance your experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily find, download, and manage apps for your child, ensuring they have a safe and engaging digital experience. Remember to explore the app store regularly, discover new apps, and utilize the parental controls to tailor the experience to your child’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the restrictions on app downloads on a FreeTime tablet?

Amazon FreeTime tablets have built-in parental controls that restrict app downloads to age-appropriate content. These restrictions are set by the parent or guardian and are enforced through the FreeTime app. This means that children cannot download apps outside of the designated age category, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate digital experience.

To manage these settings, parents need to access the FreeTime app and adjust the “App Library” settings. Here, they can specify the age range for allowed apps, ensuring that the child only has access to content suitable for their age.

2. Can I download apps from the Google Play Store on a FreeTime tablet?

No, Amazon FreeTime tablets do not allow access to the Google Play Store. These tablets run on a modified version of the Android operating system, which utilizes the Amazon Appstore as the primary source for app downloads. This limitation ensures a controlled environment where parents can monitor and manage the apps accessible to their children.

However, some apps available on the Google Play Store may also be available in the Amazon Appstore. You can check for the availability of specific apps within the Amazon Appstore, and if it’s not available, consider using a different tablet with access to the Google Play Store.

3. How do I find and download apps on my FreeTime tablet?

To download apps on your FreeTime tablet, you will need to use the Amazon Appstore. You can access it by opening the “Apps” section on your tablet. From there, you can browse for apps by category, search for specific apps, or use the recommendations provided by Amazon. Once you’ve found the desired app, simply tap “Get” to start the download.

Remember that if the app is not within the age range allowed for your FreeTime profile, you’ll need to contact the parent or guardian to adjust the settings for your profile. They can do this through the FreeTime app on the tablet or through the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

4. Can I download apps directly from the web browser on my FreeTime tablet?

Downloading apps directly from the web browser is not possible on a FreeTime tablet. Due to the security measures implemented by Amazon, this feature is disabled to prevent unauthorized app downloads and ensure a safe environment for children. This restriction is enforced through the parental controls within the FreeTime app.

However, parents can download apps to the FreeTime tablet through the Amazon Appstore using the web browser on a computer or smartphone. They can then access the downloaded apps on the FreeTime tablet through the “Apps” section.

5. How do I update apps on my FreeTime tablet?

Updating apps on a FreeTime tablet is a straightforward process. The tablet will automatically notify you when updates are available for your installed apps. You can then access the “Apps” section and tap on the “Updates” tab to view all pending updates. Simply tap “Update” to begin the update process for each app.

You can also manually check for updates by opening the “Apps” section and navigating to the “My Apps & Games” tab. Here, you can see a list of all your installed apps. If an update is available, you’ll see an “Update” button next to the app icon.

6. How do I delete apps on my FreeTime tablet?

Deleting apps on your FreeTime tablet is a simple process. Navigate to the “Apps” section and then select the “My Apps & Games” tab. Here, you’ll see a list of all your installed apps. Find the app you want to delete and tap on its icon. Next, press and hold the app icon until a pop-up menu appears. From the menu, select “Uninstall” to remove the app from your FreeTime tablet.

Remember that if you are not the owner of the FreeTime account, you may need to contact the parent or guardian for permission to delete apps.

7. What if an app is not available in the Amazon Appstore?

If an app is not available in the Amazon Appstore, you may need to consider alternative solutions. One option is to see if the app is available on the Google Play Store and use a tablet with access to it. Another possibility is to search for similar apps in the Amazon Appstore that offer similar functionalities.

If you are looking for a specific app that is not available on the Amazon Appstore, you can contact Amazon customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide alternative solutions or recommend alternative apps that meet your needs.

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