Conquering the Valkyrie: A Guide to Defeating Eir in “Fire Emblem Heroes”

Eir, the Divine Dragon, stands as a formidable foe in “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Her imposing presence, devastating skills, and unique mechanics make her a challenging opponent, even for seasoned players. But fear not, for with the right strategy and understanding of her weaknesses, you can emerge victorious from this epic battle.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics necessary to conquer Eir, helping you unlock the full potential of your heroes and secure a triumphant victory.

Understanding Eir’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Eir is a formidable foe with several key strengths that make her a formidable adversary:

  • High Stats: Her base stats are incredibly high, boasting exceptional Attack, Defense, and Speed.
  • Dragon Effectiveness: Eir is a Dragon, granting her effectiveness against swords, axes, and bows.
  • Dragon’s Breath: This potent special attack inflicts massive damage upon the foe, coupled with guaranteed follow-up attacks for Eir.
  • Unique Skillset: Her innate skills “Divine Punishment” and “Valkyrie’s Grace” grant her immunity to all status ailments and a significant damage reduction effect, making her exceptionally resilient.
  • High-HP Regeneration: Eir’s passive skill, “Divine Healing,” grants her a significant amount of health regeneration per turn, making her incredibly difficult to wear down.

Despite her incredible strength, Eir also possesses some weaknesses that can be exploited:

  • Low Resistance: While her other stats are impressive, Eir’s Resistance stat is relatively low.
  • Susceptibility to Spells: Her low Resistance makes her vulnerable to magic-based attacks, particularly from mages and healers.
  • Lack of Movement: Eir’s low movement range makes her vulnerable to units with high mobility.

Strategic Approaches: Leveraging Your Strengths to Counter Eir

Conquering Eir requires a well-thought-out strategy that leverages your heroes’ strengths to counter her weaknesses. Here are three main approaches:

1. Magic Offense: Unleashing the Power of Spells

Eir’s low Resistance makes her a prime target for magic attacks. Here’s how to effectively utilize this weakness:

  • Selecting the Right Heroes: Choose heroes with high Magic Attack and effective skills, such as “Miracle,” “Magic,” or “Dark Magic.” Popular choices include:

    • L!Leif: High Magic Attack and access to “Miracle,” making him a formidable mage against Eir.
    • Reinhardt: Boasts high Magic Attack and the “Miracle” skill, making him a strong contender.
    • L!Lilina: High Magic Attack and access to the “Dark Magic” skill, ideal for exploiting Eir’s low Resistance.
  • Strategically Placing Your Heroes: Position your mages strategically, utilizing terrain and movement advantage to reach Eir without being intercepted.

  • Supporting Your Mages: Utilize healers to enhance your mages’ survivability and bolster their magic output. Heroes like L!Azura and L!Tiki can provide valuable support through healing and buffs.

2. Swift Strikes: Utilizing Speed and Quick Attacks

Eir’s low movement range and lack of speed make her vulnerable to swift and aggressive units.

  • Choosing the Right Heroes: Select heroes with high speed and effective skills for initiating attacks quickly. Consider:

    • L!Chrom: High Speed and “Miracle” skill, allowing him to strike quickly and potentially activate “Miracle” for added survivability.
    • L!Robin: High Speed and the “Swordbreaker” skill, enabling him to effectively counter sword-wielding units like Eir.
    • L!Lucina: High Speed and the “Distant Counter” skill, making her a formidable force in ranged combat.
  • Aggressive Positioning: Position your speedy heroes strategically to target Eir before she can react. Utilize terrain and movement bonuses to your advantage.

  • Support and Control: Consider utilizing heroes with debuffs and buffs to disrupt Eir’s combat potential and enhance your team’s effectiveness. Heroes like L!Hector and L!Celica can provide valuable support with their powerful debuffs and buffs.

3. The Power of the “Miracle” Skill: A Gamble for Victory

The “Miracle” skill offers a unique opportunity to counter Eir’s strength. By using heroes with “Miracle,” you can turn the tables on her devastating attacks:

  • Understanding the Risk: The “Miracle” skill activates when your hero receives a fatal blow, preventing them from dying and reducing the damage to one. However, it only works once per battle, making it a gamble.

  • Selecting the Right Heroes: Choose heroes with high HP and the “Miracle” skill. Popular choices include:

    • L!Leif: High Magic Attack and access to “Miracle,” making him a formidable mage against Eir.
    • Reinhardt: Boasts high Magic Attack and the “Miracle” skill, making him a strong contender.
  • Strategic Positioning: Position your “Miracle” hero strategically to potentially receive a fatal blow from Eir, allowing the “Miracle” skill to activate and turn the tide of battle.

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Success

In addition to the strategic approaches outlined above, consider these tips for increasing your chances of victory against Eir:

  • Prioritize HP: Ensure your heroes have high HP to withstand Eir’s attacks.

  • Boost Resistance: Enhance your heroes’ Resistance with skills and heroes that specialize in this stat.

  • Weapon Effectiveness: Utilize weapons that are effective against dragons, such as lances, bows, and axes.

  • Status Ailments: While Eir is immune to status ailments, your other allies can benefit from inflicting debuffs such as “Panic” or “Gravity” to weaken Eir’s allies.

  • Terrain Advantage: Leverage terrain to your advantage. Utilize forests to increase your heroes’ defenses and avoid being hit by Eir’s attacks.

  • Team Building: Consider building a team that complements each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Conclusion: Embrace the Challenge and Conquer Eir

Conquering Eir is a challenging but rewarding experience in “Fire Emblem Heroes.” By understanding her strengths and weaknesses and utilizing the strategic approaches outlined above, you can overcome her formidable presence and claim victory. Remember to prioritize your heroes’ strengths, utilize effective skills and strategies, and above all, embrace the challenge with confidence. Good luck in your battles!


What are Eir’s strengths and weaknesses?

Eir is a powerful foe with high defenses and access to powerful skills, including the legendary “Valkyrie” weapon. She also has a unique ability called “Deathly Calm”, which allows her to take less damage from ranged attacks. However, she is vulnerable to magic attacks and has a low resistance to it. This means that units with high magic power and good magic-based skills can effectively counter her.

Knowing Eir’s weaknesses is crucial for victory. Equipping your units with potent magic attacks and utilizing magic-based skills can significantly reduce her effectiveness. It’s also important to consider that Eir’s high defenses make physical attacks less effective, so opting for magical strategies will be your best bet.

What are some effective heroes to use against Eir?

Several heroes excel in countering Eir’s strengths and exploiting her weaknesses. Units with high magic power like Legendary Azura, Legendary Celica, and Fallen Edelgard can deal substantial damage, especially with magic-based skills. Heroes with skills that ignore defenses, such as Brave Hector or Legendary Edelgard’s “Divine Fang”, can also be effective.

It’s important to consider the specific skills and stats of the heroes you choose. Units with high Res and strong magical abilities will be more effective than those with physical attacks. Additionally, units with skills that can nullify Eir’s “Deathly Calm” ability can be invaluable in reducing her defense and maximizing your damage output.

What strategies should I employ to defeat Eir?

There are several effective strategies for defeating Eir. One strategy is to focus on attacking her with magic attacks, as she is vulnerable to this type of damage. Another strategy is to utilize skills that ignore defenses or reduce her resistance to magic.

For example, skills like “Brave Bow+”, “Brave Sword+”, and “Brave Lance+” can significantly reduce her defenses and allow you to inflict substantial damage. You can also consider using units with skills that increase magic power or reduce her resistance, like “Miracle” or “Repel”. By combining these strategies, you can exploit Eir’s weaknesses and secure victory.

What are some tips for managing Eir’s “Deathly Calm” ability?

Eir’s “Deathly Calm” ability can significantly hinder your progress by reducing the damage she takes from ranged attacks. However, there are strategies to minimize its impact. First, prioritize magic attacks over ranged attacks, as these bypass the “Deathly Calm” effect.

Second, utilize skills that ignore defense or reduce her resistance to magic. These skills can bypass the damage reduction and allow you to inflict significant damage. For example, skills like “Brave Bow+”, “Brave Sword+”, and “Brave Lance+” can be effective in weakening her defenses.

How important is team composition when facing Eir?

Team composition is crucial when facing Eir. You’ll need a team that can exploit her weaknesses and counter her strengths. A balanced team with a strong focus on magic units and heroes with skills that ignore defense is ideal.

Consider units with high magic power like Legendary Azura, Legendary Celica, and Fallen Edelgard, who can deal significant damage with magic-based skills. Additionally, heroes with skills that nullify Eir’s “Deathly Calm” ability can be invaluable in reducing her defense and maximizing your damage output.

What are some common mistakes players make when battling Eir?

One common mistake is focusing on physical attacks rather than magic attacks. Eir’s high defense makes her resistant to physical attacks, making magical attacks the preferred approach. Another common mistake is failing to utilize skills that bypass her defenses or reduce her resistance to magic.

These skills can significantly increase your damage output and expedite your victory. Always remember to choose your heroes and skills carefully, prioritizing those that effectively counter Eir’s strengths and exploit her weaknesses.

Is there a recommended difficulty level for tackling Eir?

While Eir can be a challenging foe, there’s no specific difficulty level recommended for tackling her. However, it’s best to assess your team’s strength and choose a difficulty level that provides a fair challenge. If you’re new to the game or your team is still developing, it’s best to start on a lower difficulty level and gradually increase the difficulty as your team gets stronger.

Remember that Eir is a powerful foe, so it’s important to carefully plan your strategies and utilize the right heroes to ensure success. By understanding her strengths and weaknesses, you can effectively counter her and achieve victory.

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