Equipping Your Feline Friends: A Guide to Palico Gear in Monster Hunter World

The world of Monster Hunter is filled with fearsome beasts and thrilling hunts, but you don’t have to face them alone. Your loyal Palico companions are always by your side, ready to assist you with their unique skills and abilities. Equipping your Palico with the right gear can make a huge difference in your hunting success, turning them from cute sidekicks into powerful allies.

This guide will walk you through the essential aspects of equipping your Palico, covering everything from understanding their equipment to optimizing their build for specific challenges.

Understanding Palico Gear

Palico gear works similarly to your own Hunter gear, but with a few key differences. Instead of armor sets, Palico gear consists of individual pieces, each offering specific bonuses and skills.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of Palico gear:

  • Armor: Palico armor comes in various styles, each influencing their appearance and providing a unique set of skills. Like Hunter armor, each piece of Palico armor offers specific defensive and offensive stats.
  • Weapons: Palico weapons are diverse, ranging from the classic Felyne Fists to more unique options like the Felyne Bowgun. Each weapon offers unique attack types, combos, and elemental damage.
  • Gadgets: Palico Gadgets are specialized tools that can be used during hunts to provide assistance in various ways. These gadgets can heal allies, inflict status ailments, or even summon helpful creatures.

Finding and Acquiring Palico Gear

You can obtain Palico gear through various means:

  • Crafting: Many Palico gear pieces can be crafted using materials gathered from monsters and other sources.
  • Rewards: Completing quests and challenges often reward you with Palico gear, sometimes even with rare and powerful pieces.
  • The Poogie: Poogie, your adorable companion, can sometimes find hidden treasure chests containing valuable Palico gear.
  • The Elder Melder: Similar to the Smithy, the Elder Melder allows you to combine multiple pieces of Palico gear to create new ones with enhanced stats and skills.

Choosing the Right Palico Build

Just like Hunters, Palico builds are highly customizable. The right build depends on your playstyle and the specific challenges you face. Here’s a general overview of different Palico builds:

1. Support Build:

  • Focus: Provide healing, buffs, and other support for your hunting party.
  • Gear: Choose armor with skills like “Felyne Medic” for healing, “Felyne Defender” for defense buffs, or “Felyne Bombardier” for bomb-throwing abilities.
  • Weapons: Consider using weapons like the Felyne Fists for close-range support or the Felyne Bowgun for ranged healing.

2. Offense Build:

  • Focus: Deal damage and take down monsters alongside your Hunter.
  • Gear: Look for armor with skills like “Felyne Sharpshooter” for increased attack power, “Felyne Plunderer” for more loot, or “Felyne Bombardier” for offensive gadgets.
  • Weapons: Weapons like the Felyne Dual Blades, Felyne Sword & Shield, and Felyne Greatsword are excellent for dealing damage.

3. Trap Build:

  • Focus: Use traps to immobilize and weaken monsters.
  • Gear: Choose armor with skills like “Felyne Trapper” for increased trap effectiveness, “Felyne Plunderer” for additional rewards from traps, and “Felyne Bombardier” to deploy traps.
  • Weapons: Palico weapons are less important for this build, as you’ll focus primarily on utilizing traps.

Equipping Your Palico

Once you’ve acquired and crafted the desired gear, equipping your Palico is straightforward.

  1. Open your Palico menu: You can access this through the “Palico” option in the “Hunter” tab of the menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Equipment” section: This will display your currently equipped gear.
  3. Select the gear you want to equip: You can choose armor, weapons, and gadgets.
  4. Confirm your selection: The chosen gear will be equipped to your Palico.

Tips for Optimizing Your Palico Build

  • Prioritize skills: Focus on skills that align with your chosen build and your preferred playstyle.
  • Consider weapon synergy: Ensure your chosen weapon complements your chosen armor and skills.
  • Level up your Palico: Increase your Palico’s level to unlock more skills and increase their stats.
  • Customize your Palico’s appearance: Choose from various armor styles to personalize your Palico and give them a unique look.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different builds and gear combinations to find what works best for you.


Equipping your Palico is a crucial aspect of success in Monster Hunter World. By understanding the different types of Palico gear, crafting the right build, and optimizing their skills, you can transform your furry companions into powerful allies who can greatly enhance your hunting experience. Remember to tailor your Palico’s build to your playstyle and the specific challenges you face. With the right gear and a bit of experimentation, your Palico will become an invaluable asset on your hunts, turning every encounter with a monster into a thrilling and rewarding adventure.


1. What is Palico Gear and why is it important?

Palico Gear refers to the equipment your Palico companions wear in Monster Hunter World. It’s essential because it equips them with various abilities and skills that directly impact their effectiveness in combat and support. Just like your Hunter’s gear, Palico equipment determines their strengths and weaknesses, influencing their role in hunting parties. For example, a Palico equipped with “Felyne Bombardier” will excel at bomb-throwing, while one with “Felyne Sharpshooter” will focus on ranged attacks.

Choosing the right gear for your Palico is crucial for maximizing their contributions in hunts. By selecting equipment that complements your Hunter’s strengths, you can create a formidable team capable of taking down even the most challenging monsters.

2. How do I get Palico Gear?

Palico Gear is primarily acquired through crafting using materials obtained from various sources. You can find these materials by exploring the world, completing quests, and participating in expeditions. Specific materials may be dropped by monsters, found in environmental resources, or even rewarded for completing certain objectives.

Additionally, you can purchase some basic Palico gear from the Provisions Merchant in Astera or Seliana. This vendor offers a selection of starter equipment that can be upgraded as you progress through the game and gather more materials. Remember, the more challenging the monster or the further you explore, the better the materials you’ll find, enabling you to craft more powerful Palico Gear.

3. What are the different types of Palico Gear?

Palico Gear is categorized into three main types: Armor, Weapons, and Gadgets. Each category offers a range of options, each with unique skills and abilities.

  • Armor: Provides defensive bonuses and equips your Palico with various skills.
  • Weapons: Determines your Palico’s attack style and capabilities. Options include swords, hammers, and even ranged weapons like bows.
  • Gadgets: These are consumables that provide temporary buffs or special abilities. Examples include “Meowlotov Cocktails” for explosive attacks and “Felyne Bombers” for ranged attacks.

By combining different types of Palico Gear, you can create a truly unique and effective companion that complements your hunting style.

4. How do I equip my Palico with Gear?

Equipping your Palico with gear is a straightforward process. First, visit the “Palico Box” located in your room at the Hunter’s Hub or the Gathering Hub. Here, you can manage your Palico’s equipment, including armor, weapons, and gadgets.

The Palico Box allows you to customize your Palico’s loadout by selecting the desired equipment from your inventory. You can equip different combinations of gear depending on your desired strategy and the specific hunt you’re undertaking. Remember, each piece of gear has specific skill requirements, so pay attention to those when customizing your Palico’s build.

5. What are the best Palico Gear sets for different hunting styles?

The “best” Palico gear set depends heavily on your preferred hunting style and the specific monster you’re facing. For example, if you’re a melee-focused hunter, you might favor a Palico set that boosts attack power and provides support skills like “Felyne Bombardier” for added damage.

However, if you prefer ranged combat, a Palico set with “Felyne Sharpshooter” and “Felyne Medic” would be more beneficial. Ultimately, experimenting with different gear sets is essential to find the optimal combination that complements your hunting strategy.

6. How do I level up my Palico’s skills?

Palico skills level up as your Palico gains experience through combat and exploration. The more your Palico participates in hunts and completes quests, the more experience it earns.

Furthermore, specific actions, such as using certain gadgets or achieving specific objectives during hunts, can provide extra experience points. You can track your Palico’s progress towards skill level ups in the Palico Box, making it easy to monitor their development.

7. Can I change my Palico’s appearance?

Yes, you can customize your Palico’s appearance through a variety of options. You can change their fur color, pattern, and even add accessories like hats and glasses.

These customizations are purely cosmetic, but they allow you to personalize your Palico and make it truly unique. You can access these customization options from the Palico Box. Remember, the more you explore the world and complete quests, the more options you’ll unlock for customizing your Palico’s appearance.

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