How to Get Super Sonic Palico: Your Guide to Unleashing Feline Fury in Monster Hunter Rise

The Palico, your trusty feline companion in the world of Monster Hunter Rise, isn’t just a cute sidekick. With the right training and equipment, they can become a fearsome force on the battlefield, capable of taking down even the most formidable monsters. And what better way to showcase their power than by transforming them into the legendary Super Sonic Palico?

This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock this unique and powerful transformation, covering everything from gathering the necessary materials to equipping the right gear. So, grab your hunting horn and get ready to unleash the true potential of your furry friend!

The Key to Super Sonic Power: The Palico’s “Power of the Palico” Skill

The foundation of Super Sonic Palico lies in a crucial skill called “Power of the Palico,” found in the Palico’s armor set. This skill grants the Palico access to a powerful transformation, allowing them to briefly become a blazing speed demon capable of obliterating foes with a barrage of attacks.

Unlocking the Path to Super Sonic: Completing the “The Power of the Palico” Quest

To unlock the “Power of the Palico” skill, you must first complete a crucial quest called “The Power of the Palico.” This quest becomes available after you’ve progressed through the story of Monster Hunter Rise and reached a certain point in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the quest’s requirements:

  • Reaching High Rank: You must progress through the main story and unlock High Rank missions.
  • Completing the “A Cat’s Best Friend” Subquest: This quest is located in the Village and requires you to complete the “The Rampage” DLC expansion.

Once you’ve met these prerequisites, the “The Power of the Palico” quest will appear in your quest list. Completing this quest will unlock the “Power of the Palico” skill for your Palico, setting the stage for the Super Sonic transformation.

Acquiring the “Super Sonic” Palico Armor Set: A Glimmer of Blue

The “Super Sonic” Palico armor set is the key to unleashing the full potential of the “Power of the Palico” skill. This set, inspired by the iconic blue blur, provides a unique visual transformation and boosts the power of the “Power of the Palico” skill, granting your Palico the Super Sonic transformation.

Crafting the “Super Sonic” Set: Gathering the Materials

To craft the “Super Sonic” Palico armor set, you’ll need to collect a variety of materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Azure Rathalos Scales: Dropped by the Azure Rathalos, a powerful flying wyvern found in the volcanic region.
  • Azure Rathalos Plumes: Also dropped by the Azure Rathalos.
  • Ancient Stone: This rare material can be found in various locations throughout the game.
  • Wyvern Gem: A valuable gem that can be obtained by defeating powerful monsters.

The easiest way to gather these materials is to hunt the Azure Rathalos. Its scales and plumes are common drops, and you can sometimes find Ancient Stones and Wyvern Gems in its nest. You can also use the “Urgent” mission called “Azure Rathalos: Apex,” which guarantees Azure Rathalos scales, plumes, and Ancient Stones.

Crafting the “Super Sonic” Palico Armor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have all the necessary materials, head to the Smithy in your village and select “Palico Equipment.” There, you can craft the “Super Sonic” armor set. The process is simple:

  • Select “Super Sonic” armor set from the list.
  • Choose the specific piece of armor you want to craft.
  • Confirm the crafting process.

The “Super Sonic” set includes a head, body, arms, and legs. It’s recommended to craft all four pieces to maximize the benefits of the “Power of the Palico” skill.

Equipping the “Super Sonic” Armor: A Stylish Transformation

With the “Super Sonic” armor set complete, equip it on your Palico to give them a stylish new look and enhance their powers.

  • Open your Palico’s Equipment Menu.
  • Select “Armor” and choose the “Super Sonic” armor set.
  • Confirm the changes.

Now, your Palico will sport a vibrant blue and white color scheme, resembling the iconic Super Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They will also be ready to transform into the Super Sonic Palico with the “Power of the Palico” skill.

The Power of the Palico: Unleashing the Super Sonic Palico

The “Power of the Palico” skill transforms your Palico into the Super Sonic Palico, increasing their speed, attack power, and adding a unique sonic boom effect to their attacks. To activate this transformation, simply use the “Power of the Palico” skill.

  • Activate the “Power of the Palico” skill during battle.
  • Watch as your Palico transforms into the Super Sonic Palico.
  • Enjoy the increased speed, attack power, and sonic boom effect.

The Super Sonic Palico’s transformation lasts for a limited time, but during this period, they become a fearsome force on the battlefield. They can quickly navigate the battlefield, unleash powerful attacks, and provide a significant advantage in combat.

The “Super Sonic” Palico: A Powerful Ally

The Super Sonic Palico is a fantastic addition to any Monster Hunter Rise team. Their speed, power, and unique visual transformation make them a joy to use in battle. By following the steps in this guide, you can unlock the full potential of your Palico and unleash the blue blur within them. So, grab your hunting horn and get ready for some super-powered hunting with your Super Sonic Palico!


1. What is a Super Sonic Palico?

A Super Sonic Palico is a special type of Palico that has access to a powerful new set of skills and abilities. They can perform powerful attacks, heal the hunter, and even use special items to aid in battle. The Super Sonic Palico appearance is a unique red and blue design, resembling the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can unlock the Super Sonic Palico by completing a special quest called “The Palico’s Secret.” This quest is only available after you have completed the main story of Monster Hunter Rise.

2. How do I unlock the “The Palico’s Secret” quest?

To unlock the “The Palico’s Secret” quest, you must first complete the main story of Monster Hunter Rise. Once you have defeated the final boss, “The Fatalis,” a new quest will appear in your quest board called “A Palico’s Promise.” This quest involves helping your Palico retrieve a special item from a hidden location.

Upon completing “A Palico’s Promise,” you will unlock the “The Palico’s Secret” quest. This quest requires you to collect a series of materials from various locations in the game. Completing this quest will unlock the Super Sonic Palico appearance and skillset for all your Palicos.

3. What are the special abilities of the Super Sonic Palico?

The Super Sonic Palico possesses unique skills that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. They can perform powerful attacks with increased damage, such as a sonic-powered punch that can knock down even the largest monsters. They can also use special items, such as a healing item that can quickly restore the hunter’s health.

Additionally, Super Sonic Palicos can use their speed and agility to dodge enemy attacks, making them incredibly difficult to hit. Their unique appearance and powerful abilities make them a valuable asset to any hunter.

4. How do I equip the Super Sonic Palico appearance?

To equip the Super Sonic Palico appearance, you first need to complete the “The Palico’s Secret” quest. Once you’ve done this, you’ll find a new “Super Sonic” option available in the Palico Equipment menu. This option will allow you to equip the Super Sonic look on any of your Palico companions.

You can switch between different Palico appearances and skillsets at any time, so feel free to experiment with different combinations to find the best fit for your hunting style.

5. Can I customize the Super Sonic Palico’s appearance?

The Super Sonic Palico appearance cannot be customized. It comes with a fixed red and blue design, inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. You cannot change the colors, patterns, or accessories on the Super Sonic Palico.

However, you can still equip different armor and weapons on your Super Sonic Palico, allowing you to customize its combat abilities.

6. Is the Super Sonic Palico only available in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Super Sonic Palico appearance and abilities are exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise. It is not available in any other Monster Hunter game, including Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

However, similar special Palico appearances and abilities have been introduced in past Monster Hunter titles. Keep an eye out for new content and updates to explore these unique companions.

7. Can I use the Super Sonic Palico in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can use the Super Sonic Palico in multiplayer mode. Your fellow hunters will be able to see your Super Sonic Palico and benefit from its unique abilities.

However, it’s important to note that the Super Sonic Palico appearance and abilities will only be available if you have completed the “The Palico’s Secret” quest yourself. If your friends haven’t completed the quest, they will not be able to see the Super Sonic appearance or use its special skills.

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