Unlocking the Apex Predator: How to Unlock Mr. Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Mr. Kushala Daora, the elder dragon of the skies, stands as one of the most formidable challenges in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This majestic beast is not merely a formidable foe, but a gatekeeper to the game’s endgame content.

Unlocking Mr. Kushala Daora isn’t simply a matter of reaching a certain hunter rank. It requires a specific set of circumstances and a journey through the game’s narrative. This guide will break down the steps you need to take to unlock this epic encounter.

The Journey Begins: A Path to the Elder Dragon

To face Mr. Kushala Daora, you must first complete the main story of Iceborne. This involves reaching Hunter Rank (HR) 50 and defeating the final boss, Velkhana. Once you’ve done so, the world opens up, and the path to the elder dragon awaits.

Exploring the New World:

After the main story, you’ll find yourself with a vast world to explore. While this new world is exciting, your focus should be on the guiding narrative. As you progress, you’ll encounter various Elder Dragons that are crucial to the story. The order you face these dragons can vary, but the overall path remains consistent.

The Key to Kushala Daora:

To unlock Mr. Kushala Daora, you’ll need to complete the quest “The Guiding Lands: Guiding Lands Exploration“. This quest will become available after you’ve encountered and hunted several Elder Dragons, including:

  • Namielle
  • Behemoth
  • Shara Ishvalda

The exact number of Elder Dragons you need to hunt before this quest unlocks might vary. Focus on exploring and completing the main narrative threads, and the quest will become available in due time.

Facing the Tempestuous Skies: Unlocking Mr. Kushala Daora

Once you have completed the “The Guiding Lands: Guiding Lands Exploration” quest, you will be granted access to the Guiding Lands. This expansive and vibrant area is where you will finally unlock Mr. Kushala Daora.

The Guiding Lands and the Elder Dragon’s Whisper:

The Guiding Lands act as a hub for the game’s endgame content. It’s filled with rare materials and powerful monsters. But most importantly, it’s where you’ll find clues to Mr. Kushala Daora’s location.

  • The First Encounter: You’ll encounter the elder dragon’s presence through the Guiding Lands’ unique “investigations”. These investigations offer a glimpse into a specific elder dragon’s presence within the region.
  • Tracking the Tempest: You need to track the Elder Dragon’s presence by completing “Investigations” that lead to Mr. Kushala Daora. Each successful investigation increases the Elder Dragon’s presence in the Guiding Lands.
  • The Final Step: Once you have completed a sufficient number of Mr. Kushala Daora investigations, a new event will trigger. The Elder Dragon will finally be present in the Guiding Lands. You’ll be able to hunt him down and finally face the majestic beast.

The Challenge of Mr. Kushala Daora: A Test of Skill

Mr. Kushala Daora is not for the faint of heart. This majestic dragon is a master of the air, capable of powerful attacks that can quickly bring even the most seasoned hunters down.

Elemental Weakness and Strategies:

Mr. Kushala Daora is weak to water and dragon elemental attacks.

  • Elemental Weapons: Using weapons with these elements will greatly increase your damage output.
  • Armor with Dragon Resist: Equip armor that offers high dragon resistance. This will mitigate the impact of his powerful dragon attacks.
  • Offensive Strategy: The key to defeating this elder dragon is to exploit its weaknesses and attack its vulnerable parts.

Mr. Kushala Daora’s Unique Mechanics:

One of Mr. Kushala Daora’s most defining features is its ability to use the wind to its advantage. It can create powerful gusts of wind that can knock you off your feet, interrupt your attacks, and even send you flying.

  • The Power of Wind: The most effective way to counter his wind attacks is to use the environment to your advantage.
  • The Key to Victory: Learn the timing of his attacks and use the terrain to avoid them. You can use rocks and cliffs as cover.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Challenge

Unlocking Mr. Kushala Daora and facing him in combat is an unforgettable experience. He is a worthy adversary who will push your skills to their limit. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking this epic encounter.

Remember, patience and strategy are key to defeating this elder dragon. Be prepared for a challenging battle, and you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime. Good luck, hunters!


1. How do I unlock Mr. Kushala Daora?

To unlock Mr. Kushala Daora, you must first complete the “The Guiding Lands” quest line, which is a series of quests in the Guiding Lands area. These quests require you to unlock the area by gathering and delivering resources, and to hunt various monsters. Once you’ve completed the quest line, you’ll unlock access to the Elder’s Recess, a new area in the Guiding Lands. Mr. Kushala Daora will then become available to hunt in this area.

2. What is the Elder’s Recess?

The Elder’s Recess is a new area in the Guiding Lands that becomes available after completing the “The Guiding Lands” quest line. This area is characterized by its unique environment and the presence of several high-rank monsters, including Mr. Kushala Daora. The Elder’s Recess is crucial for unlocking the final tier of monsters in the Guiding Lands and for obtaining high-level materials needed to craft powerful weapons and armor.

3. What level of the Guiding Lands do I need to be?

You need to reach level 7 or higher in the Guiding Lands to unlock the Elder’s Recess. This means you need to gather and deliver enough resources to boost the environment level of each of the different biomes in the Guiding Lands to at least level 7. The higher the level of the Guiding Lands, the more difficult monsters will spawn, and the more valuable materials you can obtain.

4. What monsters do I need to hunt before unlocking Mr. Kushala Daora?

Before you can unlock Mr. Kushala Daora, you need to hunt specific monsters in the Guiding Lands. These monsters are required to unlock specific areas in the Elder’s Recess. You will need to hunt at least one of the following monsters to unlock the Elder’s Recess: Anjanath, Diablos, Rathian, Rathalos, and Tempered versions of any of these monsters.

5. What are the best weapons and armor to use against Mr. Kushala Daora?

While any weapon can be effective against Mr. Kushala Daora, some weapons are better suited for the fight. Weapons with high elemental damage are particularly effective, especially fire and water weapons. Additionally, certain armor skills are helpful, such as Fire Resistance, Water Resistance, and Dragon Resistance. For weapons, Long Swords, Great Swords, and Charge Blades are excellent options due to their strong attack power.

6. How does Mr. Kushala Daora’s “wind” ability work?

Mr. Kushala Daora’s “wind” ability is a powerful defense mechanism that can push players back and even send them flying. It also creates a barrier of wind that blocks attacks and makes it difficult for players to hit the monster. To counter this, players can use windproof armor skills or consumables. Alternatively, players can try to break through the wind barrier by using weapons with strong piercing attacks or by using ranged weapons like bowguns and bows.

7. What are the rewards for defeating Mr. Kushala Daora?

Defeating Mr. Kushala Daora rewards you with valuable materials that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. These materials can be used to create powerful weapons and armor that offer significant improvements in terms of defense and attack power. You can also obtain unique decorations, which are special items that can be used to enhance the skills of your armor. You will also be rewarded with a unique layered armor set that allows you to customize your character’s appearance.

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