Is Master Rank Coming to Monster Hunter Rise? A Deep Dive into the Possibilities

Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom’s critically acclaimed action RPG, has captivated players worldwide with its exhilarating hunts, charming world, and fast-paced combat. One burning question on the minds of many seasoned hunters is: Will Master Rank be making its way to Monster Hunter Rise? While Capcom hasn’t officially confirmed any plans, let’s delve into the evidence and explore the potential for this challenging and rewarding gameplay mode.

The Rise of Master Rank: A Look Back at Previous Games

To understand the potential for Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise, we need to understand its history. Master Rank (or G-Rank in previous games) has been a staple of the Monster Hunter series for years, introducing new monsters, weapons, armor, and challenges for veteran hunters. Let’s look at the key features of Master Rank in previous games:

  • Higher Difficulty: Master Rank offers a significant increase in difficulty compared to High Rank. Monsters become significantly more aggressive, have enhanced attacks, and even learn new moves.
  • New Monsters: Master Rank introduces a slew of new and powerful monsters, each with unique mechanics and challenges, requiring hunters to adapt their strategies.
  • Advanced Equipment: Master Rank provides access to new and powerful weapons and armor sets, pushing the limits of customization and allowing hunters to build specialized builds for specific monsters.
  • Endgame Content: Master Rank serves as the pinnacle of the gameplay experience in Monster Hunter, providing a fulfilling endgame for experienced hunters to test their skills and strive for the ultimate challenge.

Evidence for Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

While Capcom has not explicitly announced a Master Rank expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, there are several compelling hints suggesting it might be in the works:

  • The Success of Monster Hunter Rise: The immense popularity of Monster Hunter Rise, with over 10 million units sold worldwide, makes a Master Rank expansion a strong business decision.
  • The “Sunbreak” Expansion: The “Sunbreak” expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is currently in development and promises to offer new content and challenges. While not explicitly confirmed as Master Rank, the expansion’s focus on challenging gameplay could hint at the inclusion of Master Rank elements.
  • The Legacy of Master Rank: The inclusion of Master Rank in previous Monster Hunter games has become a long-standing tradition, and its absence in Monster Hunter Rise would be a significant departure.

Reasons Why Master Rank Might Not Arrive

While the evidence points towards the possibility of Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise, there are also reasons why it might not materialize:

  • The Game’s Design: Monster Hunter Rise’s focus on fast-paced, agile combat and the unique “Wirebug” mechanic might not seamlessly integrate with the slower and more deliberate gameplay of Master Rank.
  • Developer Resources: Capcom might be focused on other projects, limiting the resources available for a large-scale expansion like Master Rank.
  • The “Sunbreak” Expansion: The “Sunbreak” expansion could be a standalone expansion offering a comparable level of challenge without the need for a full Master Rank implementation.

The Potential Impact of Master Rank on Monster Hunter Rise

The inclusion of Master Rank would have a significant impact on Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Increased Replayability: Master Rank would provide a substantial amount of new content and challenge, significantly increasing the game’s replayability and keeping players engaged long after completing the base game.
  • Enhanced Difficulty: Master Rank would cater to experienced hunters seeking a truly challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.
  • New Monster Encounters: The addition of new monsters would diversify the game’s roster and add new layers of depth to the hunting experience.

The Future of Monster Hunter Rise: A Prediction

While Capcom has yet to confirm or deny the existence of a Master Rank expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, the evidence points towards the strong possibility of its arrival. The game’s success, the development of the “Sunbreak” expansion, and the long-standing tradition of Master Rank in the series all suggest that a Master Rank update is likely. While there are also reasons why Master Rank might not happen, the potential benefits of such an expansion outweigh the drawbacks, and we can cautiously expect a thrilling new chapter in the Monster Hunter Rise saga.

The Final Word

Whether Master Rank comes to Monster Hunter Rise or not remains to be seen. However, the anticipation surrounding this possibility is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and the enduring passion of the Monster Hunter community. The future of Monster Hunter Rise is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: the journey will be filled with excitement and adventure.


1. What is Master Rank?

Master Rank is the highest difficulty level in Monster Hunter games, introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It features new, more challenging monsters and weapons, as well as a higher level cap for gear. Players typically seek Master Rank for a more rewarding and demanding experience.

Master Rank has become a standard for newer Monster Hunter games, offering a significant content expansion. While Monster Hunter Rise currently lacks it, its inclusion is highly anticipated by many players.

2. Has Capcom officially confirmed Master Rank for Monster Hunter Rise?

No, Capcom has not officially confirmed Master Rank for Monster Hunter Rise. While the game received a major expansion with Sunbreak, which brought new monsters and areas, it did not include a Master Rank difficulty.

This leaves room for speculation, with many players hoping for a future update or DLC that could introduce the challenging gameplay of Master Rank to Rise.

3. Why might Capcom add Master Rank to Monster Hunter Rise?

The potential benefits for Capcom are significant. Master Rank typically leads to increased player engagement and playtime, as players aim to complete the new content and challenges. This could generate more revenue through microtransactions and DLC purchases.

Furthermore, the introduction of Master Rank could revive the game’s player base and attract new players who seek a greater challenge than the existing content provides.

4. What are the possible arguments against adding Master Rank to Monster Hunter Rise?

One argument against Master Rank is that it might require significant development resources and time. Capcom might prioritize other projects or focus on expanding the game through different avenues, such as new content updates or collaborations.

Another concern is that Master Rank might alienate casual players who enjoy the current difficulty levels. However, this could be mitigated by providing players with the option to opt into Master Rank content.

5. What evidence suggests that Master Rank might be coming to Monster Hunter Rise?

While there is no concrete evidence, some players point to the success of Sunbreak and its impact on the game’s popularity. This renewed interest could motivate Capcom to introduce Master Rank as a way to further enhance the game’s appeal and longevity.

Moreover, the game’s engine and existing content could potentially support Master Rank with minimal development effort. However, these are just speculations, and the decision ultimately rests with Capcom.

6. How would Master Rank impact the game’s current balance?

Master Rank typically requires adjustments to the game’s balance, as new monsters and weapons introduce new challenges and possibilities. This could involve reworking existing equipment, adding new skills, or even changing the game’s combat mechanics.

However, Capcom could choose to introduce Master Rank without significant balance changes, keeping the game’s core mechanics intact while simply offering a more difficult experience.

7. When could Master Rank be introduced to Monster Hunter Rise?

There is no official timeline or roadmap for Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise. However, Capcom’s recent track record suggests that they are committed to supporting the game with new content and updates.

While the timing remains uncertain, players can hope that future updates or expansions might introduce Master Rank as a significant content addition, offering a new challenge and depth to the game.

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