Lost Your Vizio Remote’s AV Button? Here’s Where to Find It!

Navigating your Vizio TV’s settings can be a breeze, but finding that elusive AV button can feel like a game of hide-and-seek. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Vizio remote’s AV button, addressing common frustrations and ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

The Evolution of Vizio Remotes: AV Button’s Changing Role

The Vizio remote has undergone significant changes over the years, and with these updates, the AV button has seen its functionality shift. Understanding the evolution of this button is crucial to pinpointing its location.

Pre-2015 Models: The older Vizio remotes proudly displayed an AV button on their face. It served a straightforward purpose: switching between various input sources, like cable boxes, game consoles, or DVD players. This button was a common sight on many Vizio models, making it easy to find and use.

Post-2015 Models: The AV Button Takes a Back Seat As Vizio embraced newer technologies, the AV button gradually transitioned from a prominent feature to a less conspicuous one. The rise of smart TVs, streaming services, and universal remotes led to a shift in the way viewers interacted with their TVs.

Modern Vizio Remotes: The Input Button Reigns Today, Vizio remotes, especially those bundled with newer TV models, feature an “Input” button instead of a dedicated AV button. This button acts as a central hub for switching between all connected devices, including HDMI, USB, and even built-in applications.

Where is the Input Button Located on My Vizio Remote?

The Input button on your Vizio remote is strategically placed for easy accessibility. Here’s where you’ll typically find it:

  • At the Bottom: Look towards the bottom center of your remote. The Input button is often situated below the directional buttons (Up, Down, Left, Right).
  • To the Right: On some Vizio remotes, the Input button might be positioned on the right side of the remote, near other functional buttons.

Can’t Find Your Input Button? Troubleshooting Tips

We understand the frustration of a missing button! If you’re still struggling to locate the Input button, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check Your Remote Model: Look for a model number printed on the back of your remote. Use this number to search for a manual or diagram online.
  • Use the Vizio TV Menu: Navigate to your TV’s “Input” or “Source” menu using the directional buttons and “Enter” button on your remote. This will display a list of all connected devices, allowing you to switch between them even without finding the Input button.
  • Consider a Universal Remote: If you find the Vizio remote’s layout confusing, consider using a universal remote. Universal remotes are designed to be compatible with multiple devices, including your Vizio TV, and offer a simplified interface.

How to Program Your Vizio Remote for Optimal Control

With the Input button identified, let’s explore how to program your Vizio remote for effortless control over your entertainment:

1. Power On Your Vizio TV and Connected Devices: Ensure your TV and any external devices (cable box, game console) are powered on.
2. Press the Input Button: Locate the Input button on your remote and press it.
3. Choose Your Desired Device: Your Vizio TV will display a list of available input sources. Use the directional buttons to select the device you want to control.
4. Confirm Your Selection: Press the “Enter” button to confirm your choice.

The Input Button: Your Key to Seamless Viewing

Once your desired device is selected, you can use the Vizio remote to control its functions. You might need to adjust the volume, channel, or other settings using the remote’s dedicated buttons. Remember, the Input button is your gateway to accessing and controlling all your connected devices, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Vizio Remote’s Hidden Capabilities

The Vizio remote is more than just a tool for controlling your TV; it’s packed with hidden capabilities that can enhance your viewing experience:

1. Voice Control: Many Vizio remotes, particularly those bundled with newer smart TVs, feature built-in voice control. Simply press the dedicated voice button and speak your commands. For instance, you can say, “Play Stranger Things on Netflix,” or “Volume up.”

2. Netflix and YouTube Shortcuts: Some Vizio remotes include dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube, allowing you to access these popular streaming services directly with a single press.

3. Backlight: Vizio remotes often have a backlight feature that illuminates the buttons when pressed. This can be helpful in dimly lit environments.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Vizio Remote

While the AV button might seem lost in the past, the Input button has become a vital component of modern Vizio remotes. By understanding its location, function, and how to program it, you can unlock the full potential of your remote and take control of your viewing experience. Remember, the Vizio remote is more than just a tool; it’s your guide to a world of entertainment possibilities. So, grab your remote, locate the Input button, and explore the vast world of entertainment at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the AV button on my Vizio TV remote?

The AV button is usually found on the top row of buttons on your Vizio TV remote. It’s often located near the input or source button, which is typically labeled with an icon of a square with an arrow pointing to the right. If you can’t find it there, check the bottom row of buttons, as it may be located near the volume control or other navigation keys.

However, the exact location of the AV button can vary depending on the model of your Vizio TV remote. If you still can’t find it, refer to the user manual for your specific model. The manual will have a diagram of the remote and will highlight the location of all the buttons, including the AV button.

Q: What does the AV button do on my Vizio TV remote?

The AV button on your Vizio TV remote is used to switch between different input sources on your TV. These input sources can include things like cable boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles, or streaming devices. When you press the AV button, a menu will appear on your TV screen listing all the available input sources. You can then use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate through the list and select the input source you want to use.

For example, if you want to switch from watching cable TV to playing a game on your PlayStation 4, you would press the AV button, navigate to the “PS4” input source, and select it. This will switch the TV’s input to your PlayStation 4, allowing you to start playing your game.

Q: What if my Vizio TV remote doesn’t have an AV button?

If your Vizio TV remote doesn’t have an AV button, it means that your TV model might use a different method for switching input sources. Many newer Vizio TV models use a dedicated “Input” or “Source” button on the remote to access the input source selection menu.

Another possibility is that your TV has a “SmartCast” feature, which allows you to control your TV’s input sources using your smartphone or tablet. If this is the case, you’ll need to download the Vizio SmartCast app and connect your device to your TV. You can then select your desired input source directly from the app.

Q: What if my Vizio TV remote is lost or broken?

If you’ve lost or broken your Vizio TV remote, there are a few options for controlling your TV. You can purchase a replacement remote directly from Vizio or from a third-party retailer. You can also try using your TV’s on-screen menu system to navigate and change settings.

Finally, if your Vizio TV is compatible, you can use a universal remote to control it. Universal remotes can be programmed to work with a wide range of TV models, and they often have a wide range of features, including volume control, channel changing, and input source selection.

Q: Can I use my smartphone as a remote for my Vizio TV?

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a remote for your Vizio TV if your TV is compatible with Vizio’s SmartCast technology. To do this, you will need to download the Vizio SmartCast app to your smartphone or tablet.

Once the app is installed, you can connect your smartphone to your Vizio TV. The app will allow you to control your TV’s basic functions, including volume control, channel changing, and input source selection. You can also use the app to browse and launch streaming apps, access your TV’s on-screen menu system, and more.

Q: What if I can’t find my Vizio TV remote and the on-screen menu is not working?

If you can’t find your Vizio TV remote and the on-screen menu is not working, you can try a few things. First, make sure your TV is properly plugged in and turned on. Check the power cable and outlet.

Second, try pressing the power button on the front of your TV. Many TVs have a physical power button located somewhere on the front or side of the TV. Finally, if all else fails, you may need to contact Vizio customer support for assistance. They can help you troubleshoot the issue or provide information about the proper way to reset your TV.

Q: What if my Vizio TV remote has a different button arrangement?

The layout and functionality of Vizio TV remotes can vary depending on the model. If you have a different button arrangement, the AV button might be labeled as “Input” or “Source” instead. Check the buttons on your remote carefully, and refer to the user manual for your specific model if you’re unsure.

The manual will provide a diagram of your remote and will clearly label all the buttons, including the one used to switch input sources. You can also consult the quick start guide that came with your TV, which often has a diagram of the remote control and a brief explanation of its functions.

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